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Discipleship can sound like a big, daunting task, but we often make it more complicated than it needs to be. Discipling someone just means helping them look more like Christ in their everyday life. While it’s a straightforward task, it’s not an easy one. Effective discipleship happens over many years of deep, intentional care and relationship. 

Here are a few practical ways you can disciple others and help them walk more closely with Christ. Who knows – these steps may help you grow as a disciple, too!

1. Read the Bible together

God’s Word is our ultimate guide, so it’s the most important place to start when discipling someone. Whether you’re reading with a new believer or growing alongside another Christian in a similar stage of life, the Bible has immeasurable wisdom for every one of us. Pick a book of the Bible to read through together, and consider using a devotional or discussion guide to help you unpack what you’re reading.

2. Pray together 

Prayer can be used in a variety of ways to disciple others, and it’s a powerful way to invite the Holy Spirit to be with you during your discipleship time together. If you or the person you’re discipling doesn’t know where to start, you can follow the ACTS prayer method: 

  • Adoration – give thanks to God for who He is
  • Confession – confess and repent of sin in your life
  • Thanksgiving – thank God for the ways He has blessed you
  • Supplication – ask for help for yourself and for others

3. Encourage each other

Biblical encouragement isn’t just a way to make someone feel better about themselves. Building each other up is something that God tells us to do to help point our hearts toward Him (1 Thes. 5:11, Eph. 4:29, Prov. 12:25). You can encourage someone by letting them know you’ve been praying for them, sharing an encouraging note with specific ways you see God working in them, and using Scripture to bless them with reminders of who God is.

4. Keep each other accountable

Accountability partners are a great way to help you move forward in your walk with Christ. Whether you want to actively fight against a certain sin or push yourself in a certain area of your faith, having a fellow Christian you can check in with can be great help in your faith journey. By keeping each other accountable, you can share when you’re struggling or celebrate together when you experience growth!

5. Spend time together in community

Discipleship doesn’t just happen in a one-on-one setting – it can also happen in groups and when we come together with other believers. No matter how mature our faith, we can always learn and grow in our faith through small and large group gatherings. 

These five tips are just a few ways you can disciple others – but they’re also invaluable in helping mature believers continue to grow in their faith. If you’re looking for a place where you can grow as a disciple of Christ, check out Southwest Community Church this Sunday at 8:30 or 11:00am!

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