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Loving your neighbor is at the heart of who we are as Christ followers, and it’s the core of what we do at Southwest! With just a few simple actions, you can take the first step in showing intentional care for those around you.  Here are 4 practical ways you can love your neighbor this week!

1. Meet a tangible need

Every day in our church, people around us face real struggles and hardship, whether from the loss of jobs, health, or loved ones. There are so many opportunities to meet real needs that others are facing. Our prayer as a church is that we challenge ourselves to think about the needs of others as we seek to share God’s love. Ask God for creativity as you think of ways to encourage those around you. 

Below are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Get groceries for an elderly or at-risk person
  • Help a neighbor out with childcare 
  • Donate food to a local food bank or food pantry
  • Support one of our outreach ministries at Southwest

2. Write an encouraging note 

We can all use encouragement some days, and a note is a fun, personal way to let someone know that you’re thinking about them. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed to make a big difference! If you’re stuck on what to say, here are a few ideas:

  • Share a Bible verse
  • Encourage them
  • Share a favorite memory
  • Write down a favorite quality that you see in them

3. Ask them how you can pray for them

Prayer is a powerful way that we can bring our requests before God, and it’s a great way for us to be reminded of the everyday needs of those around us. The next time you find yourself in conversation with someone, ask how you can pray for them. Even better – commit to praying for their need every day for the next 30 days. You never know how God could change their life!

4. Invite them to church

Whether your neighbor knows Jesus and follows Him faithfully, or is still searching for Him, the local church is a great way to surround someone with others who want to care for them and love them sacrificially. Ultimately, the church can be a place where they can experience the greatest love of all – God’s love.

We hope to see you and your neighbors at Southwest Community Church this weekend at 8:30am or 11:00am!

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